Wednesday, November 12, 2008


film began at the 2008 Cancer Control Convention in Los Angeles, California over tha Labour Day Weekend.We began with stories from many different doctors and practinoneers speaking about their experiences using hollistic medicines to treat cancer and other ailments.throughout the 3 day event we spoke with many esteemed doctors, authors & survivors and the message began to be clear. In every corner of conversation and story the systematic corruption of the health care system, and it's failure to inform patients, it's greed became extremely clear. On Day 3, we were lucky enough to speak with Clinton Miller, the original Lobbyist and author of #CN^777 Bill in 1962. Clinton almost single handely re-wrote a chapter of history when his bill defeted the Establishment the first time the FDA attempted to regulate vitamins and supplements as a choice for consumers.It was Clinton who first spoke with us about Codex.
Codex Alimentarius is the U.N sanctioned and WTO approved plan for global food imperialism. it is globalization on our doorsteps. it takes away our nutrition and is intended to keep the pharmaceutical pockets filling. CHOICE has been removed..

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