Friday, May 29, 2009

Film Updates

Film updates.

Following the 'Laetrile' case in California. 1974 with interest.
Vitamin B-17 was found to reduce pain and even cure certain types of Cancer throughout California in the early 1970's. As it was a natural supplement and not a 'drug' those found to be treating patients with Laetrile were prosecuted and thier work discredited.

Recent interview with Dr James Priveteria - who was incarcerated in 1975 for tresting Cancer patients with Laetrile. "NUTRITION is EVERYTHING"
Chasing the Joint Tasman agreement between Australia and New Zealand. 'JTA'.
States that all major decions on Global scale must be agreed upon by both Nations.

NZ Health Trust are doing wonderful things with the proposed Natural Health Bill that could benefit the globe. anyone listening?

PAN pharmecueticals' closure by the Australian Government in 2003 - sebsequent class action & payout of $55million in Aug 2008. ARTICLE: ref:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Dr David Walker - Bio Res Med. San Carlos Mexico
Clinton Miller - 1962 Natural Health bill lobbyist and activist
Eve Hillary - Journalist , Healthcare writer.
Evelyn Stacer - Author
Dr James Privitera M.D Holistic Medicine